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Welcome to My Little Garden
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There is something very serene and stable when I come and spend time in my Garden. These are my quiet moments where I seek God - listening and finding myself in that reflection. There are times when I'm not able to blog, If you have any questions or queries Do seek me out in Facebook and I will try my best to help you out.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Plants that Died

I know for a fact that my Zinnia may not last very long but didn't expect them to give a beautiful flower before they bid farewell - actually only one plant manage to give me this glorious flower. And before I knew it - it had all dried up and gone.
That is the problem with annuals - they bloom all too quickly and gone before I can really enjoy them. Well, that's what they say - was here and gone with the wind...
Somehow, it reflects about life..

No matter how great a person may proclaim to be, they all are human and may one day have to leave this world and give an account of their lives to God.
So, its very important to live a life that is worthy in God's eyes that when He sees us - it will reflect a life that gives pleasure to Him.

My Donkey Tail plant had slowly and eventually faded away, I guess its the neglect rather than anything that caused this demise. Regardless, its a tough plant to handle keeping it in a tropical environment.

These are mint.
They too didn't last long, I didn't water them in a day and they all got fried-up with the scorching sun. Though I tried to revive them again by intensive care - they never recovered. And so - it was a bye-bye too for this one.
I missed the aroma of the mint leaves, they just rejuvenate the soul.
Did any of your garden plants had bid farewell in your garden recently?
Did you miss them?

Monday, October 4, 2010

More Jasmines

Its been exciting to come in close contact with more jasmines. I have been thinking whether its worth it to have the ones called jasmine (minus the fragrance) Well, I wonder if you would be surprised to find such a species like this.

I thought this one is known as Thai Jasmine only to find out that I was mistaken.
Its true name is Snowflake, Milky Way, Artic Snow, Winter Cherry Tree, Sweet Indrajao, Pudpitchaya, Hyamaraca (Wrightia Antidysenterica)

Again - wrightia share with another species (religiosa) which is somehow known as Winter Jasmine which seemed to have a good heavy scent unlike this one.

This one is my pruned winter jasmine which had been furiously blooming.

My Orange Jasmine had given out a fruit. (Of course, this one is not edible)

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